Okay I’m going to make more enemies than I already did but I can’t stand this anymore. 24 hour tv is making me dislike her more now. At first she wore a gold mini skirt I thought she had some kind of dance segment. 6 different styles within 20 hours, 24 hour tv is not Tokyo Girls collection! The rest of the females had the same style throughout! And, during her segment, she didn’t wear her +1 shirt, while everyone else did. I know it’s only a shirt, but it just makes me feel like she is not taking this event seriously because what she wore wasn’t appropriate, really. Cutting the charity shirt up, you kidding me?

*i don’t care if it’s her stylist who wanted it because if she didn’t want to wear them, she has a choice because everyone else is wearing the shirts like normal*


I don’t think people should hate on her for changing clothes. It probably wasn’t even her choice, fandom would be really stupid to assume that. Even if it was, so what? She wants to look nice for the charity show. What’s wrong with that? Just cause you host a charity show doesn’t mean you should look like you need a charity to help you. Please, if  the girl wants to be stylish, leave her alone. And hating on her just cause she isn’t as well liked as others, that’s even stupider. Double standards too.